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Dr. Hauschka

spot | 90 sec | 2022

Memories of life in layering style. An intimate video message from the protagonist to her skin. With 3.5K views, one of the most internationally viewed beauty spots of the year.

Trust your skin. We do, too. #yourskinknows

produced by

27 km

directed by


executive producer

Alex Plum

João Faria

creative producer

Kevin Schmalz

copy & art

Annegret Feistl

Lina Weimann


Luca Hain


Lukas Pretzel

1st AC

Simon Mauritio


Judy Landkammer

color grading

Zé Maria Abreu Santos


Spotlight Student Award 2023

Jury Bronze

Audience Silver


ADC Talent Award 2023

Bronze (Filmcraft)